English Childcare&Development center

Developmental Program

Education in our center is built on a combination of the best standards of British and American preschool education. Our program is based on three methods:

Immersing method 

We teach only in English. All head teachers at our center are native English speakers, proficient in early childhood education.
Children "dive in" in the English environment, absorb the language and then spontaneously begin to talk in English.

Recasting method

Many children speak their native language, and certainly no one stops them. On the contrary, any phrases of children can be used for further learning. If the child says something in his/her native language, the teacher repeats his/her words in English with the same intonation, and then gives his answer. That’s why we have assistant teachers who speak Russian in our team.

Thematic method

Children are studying the same topic for 3-4 weeks, for example, "My Family", "Space", "The Jungle." Most games, lessons, songs, books, teachers are using during this time are dedicated to the topic. Children are getting acquainted with the topic far and wide, learning necessary vocabulary, gathering knowledge about the world.

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